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About Dynavec

Dynavec Multi-Directional Resistance Systems are the creation of a lifelong passion for improving fitness equipment. Not content with the restrictive ways exercise machines tax the muscular system of the human body, but mindful of the benefits that come from the use of exercise equipment, Dynavec created the first resistance systems that force the muscle to work in two planes of motion. The major benefits of more than one point of resistance are increased muscular contraction intensity and reduced joint shearing.


The name 'Dynavec' is a hybrid term combining two words that capture the essence of our company’s objective, Dynamic and Vector. Dynamic: relating to objects in motion; continuous change, activity, or progress; marked by intensity and vigor, forceful; concerned with forces that produce motion. Vector: a quantity with magnitude and direction; force or influence. Hence, Dynavec is rooted in the combination of forceful motion with magnitude and direction.


The intentions of Dynavec Multi-Directional Resistance Systems are to provide a magnitude of dynamic resistance in more than one direction across three dimensional movements. The human body is made up of several joints which are capable of motion in more than one plane; however, most resistance exercise equipment works in only a single anatomical plane or with the advent of cable systems, one plane of resistance that does not adhere to traditional planes of motion. Dynavec is the first and only company manufacturing strength equipment that provides resistance in more than one direction, simultaneously.


Benefits of the unique, patented Dynavec Multi-Directional Resistance Systems:

  • Produces a more intense muscular contraction

  • Changes role of muscle from neutralizer or synergist to agonist (primary) muscle

  • Increases motor unit recruitment with multi-directional approach

  • Increase tensile strength of bone, connective and muscle tissue

  • Increases joint stability

  • Decreases potential for injury

  • Decreases joint shearing during exercise by “spreading out” the joint forces


For more information about buying a Dynavec Multi-Directional Resistance System, contact us!

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