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Just like the Torso system, the Dynavec Ankle System is two separate and distinct exercises in one. Perhaps you are trying to rehabilitate an injured ankle, or you're an athlete looking to minimize the risk of injury, or you just want to brag about having really strong ankles. Whatever your reason, this machine is for you! Using the patented Dynavec Multi-Directional resistance to make muscles work in two planes of motion, you'll instantly realize you've been walking around on inadequately trained ankle!



The first exercise is a combination of plantarflexion (toe pointing) and inversion (turning your feet inwards). This works your triceps surae and tibialis anterior muscles in both the sagittal and transverse planes of motion. In comparison, a traditional ankle strengthening exercise machine only works muscles used in plantarflexion.



The second exercise works the opposite way to the first one, and is a combination of dorsiflexion (toe raising) with eversion (turning your feet outwards). This will work your tibialis anterior and peroneal muscles, again in the same planes of motion as before. There is no comparison with traditional exercise machines, because we haven't found one!


For both exercises, delivering resistance in more than one direction at the same time results in an increased demand on the muscles that support the ankle. 


Ankle System

Dynavec Ankle System
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