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It may look a little like a bug, and we don't have any cool names for it (yet), but that doesn't stop our Torso System from being a really neat piece of machinery! The Dynavec Torso System works your core via two separate and distinct exercises in one machine for your abs and back. But that isn't the really clever part; the torso system uses the patented Dynavec Multi-Directional resistance that forces muscle contractions in two planes of motion in both modes.



The first exercise is a seated ab crunch with rotation. The rotation can be switched between the left and right so that you work your abdominals and both sides of your obliques (so your six-pack stays symmetrical!) Smart people call this lumbar flexion with both right and left rotation, working the muscles in both the sagittal and transverse planes.



For the second exercise, the machine ingeniously converts over to work your back. Now we can perform a seated back extension, again with the left and right rotation, to engage the erector spinae and obliques. We are working in the same planes of motion as before, but this time with a lumbar extension with both left and right rotation. And just to note, the torso system restricts range of motion in this exercise to minimize the risk of injury.


For both exercises, delivering resistance in more than one direction at the same time results in an increased demand on the muscles that support the core of the body. These muscles are mainly responsible for stabilizing the core, being a kinetic link between upper and lower bodies, and supporting the body as we go through rotational movements (like swinging a golf club or kicking a soccer ball). The way it feels is unlike anything we've ever witnessed, and we imagine you'll feel the same way, too!

Torso System

Dynavec Torso System
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